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Peer - Frequent, fresh, meaningful feedback from the people you work with most

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Forfatter: Peer

Its time for a modern approach to performance

The world doesnt operate on an annual performance review cycle anymore. Peer is the performance app for todays workforce.

Peer replaces cumbersome annual performance reviews with continuous, lightweight peer feedback. Peers are prompted to leave feedback after real-world interactions, making feedback fresh, frequent, and relevant.

Peer gets everyone more feedback through its unique "give-to-get" model. This asks people to leave feedback to view what others have said about them. Everyone participates and the entire team gets more feedback.

Leaving feedback in Peer is fast and easy, literally taking seconds versus hours like traditional reviews. And as a mobile app, Peer enables users to leave feedback right when they have it, versus forgetting about it on the way from the meeting back to their desk.

All Peer feedback is aggregated so that users can see trends and how peers view their performance over time. Real-time data means there arent the end of year surprises that often occur with annual reviews.

Free for unlimited evaluation, Peer is the first performance app accessible to companies of all sizes. This includes both established companies looking to replace existing performance reviews as well as small companies that have found traditional systems too cumbersome to deploy.